TML Technik – Successful working in extreme conditions

Since 1963 our experts have been planning, developing, and manufacturing specialized equipments with telescopic rotary booms, as well as machines that prove themselves in the most extreme  conditions day after day:

  • in the metal, iron and steel industry
  • in mining and tunnel construction
  • in the building industry
  • in the cement manufacturing industry

The hundreds of machines we have supplied are witness to the success of our products, each one of which is specifically tailored to meet challenging conditions – extreme temperatures, strong forces, long distances, or very tight working areas. The many repeat orders, received from satisfied customers are proof that our machines and equipment are helping them to significantly raise their efficiency and increase productivity.

We know that with the extraordinarily difficult conditions in which our machines have to operate, it is the small details that count, which is why we consistently follow our guiding philosophy of “working solutions”. Working closely with our customers, we develop solutions that are tailored exactly to their special application requirement profiles, assuring reliable optimal results during harsh day-to-day work … always on the basis of proven, robust, standard machines, innovative technology and the expertise gained over 50 years in the business.