UNIDACHS 220 in der "Iron and steel today"


In der Dezember-Ausgabe der „Iron steel today“ wurde unsere Ausbrechmaschine UNIDACHS 220, damals noch C520, vorgestellt.

Minimal space required

The dimensions of TML’s new debricking machine are so compact it can operate in the smallest of spaces
TML Technik’s new C0520 debricking machine is designed for cleaning and demolishing applications in metallurgical plants.

The C0520 handles ladle sizes from 10 to 100 tonnes. Its four outriggers ensure a high state of stability while working with the hydraulic hammer during upward operation in all directions, with its telescopic boom fully extended. As the machine is precise in its movements it is also a time-saving tool.

When the boom is slewed over the rear engine compartment the machine is extremely compact, so that space required for transportation is reduced to a minimum.

TML Technik’s vice president, Michael Hobden, said, “The machine’s compact dimensions allow easy handling where on-site space is limited. The upper body as well as the telescopic boom allow an endless rotation of 360°, which means there is optimum reach and application flexibility.”

“The C520’s compact dimensions allow easy handling where on-site space is limited”

Volker Bongardt, president of TML Services, Germany, added, “The telescopic boom with a 2000 mm stroke is completely closed off to protect the parts inside the boom (such as the hydraulic cylinders and hoses) against the radiation of heat and any falling objects.

“The design of the machine allows it to work in every direction from one position and the telescopic rotary boom is highly valued by users who say that more areas can be reached than with standard segment booms. This is, especially applicable for those working in the metallurgical sectors.”

The C0520’s operating panel is designed for ease of use and TML offers staff training for all its customers. The machine boasts ergonomic, light weight, radio remote controls complete with carrier belt and logically laid out controls. The C0520 is optimised for a hydraulic hammer with an operational weight of about 500kg.

This machine has nine main component groups including main hydraulic controls, electro or diesel engines, radio remote controls, a rotary drive with ball bearing,telescopic boom, an air filter with electrical indicator, an intercooler hydraulic, final drive
and outriggers.

All TML machines are designed and supplied to individual requirements of its customers. Bongardt said, “At TML we offer our customers a partnership with solutions; we are not just well known for our products. Our philosophy is to support customers by
tackling their problems with custom made machinery.”

Hobden added, “With our continued commitment to offering our customers reliable, state-of-the-art quality products, we aim to provide real working solutions within current challenging conditions. We are confident that by adapting our products and services to provide flexibility in an ever-changing market, we can further apply TML’s dedication to boosting productivity by minimising production down times.”

TML has its own sales and services facilities in Brazil, China, India and the Ukraine, and a head office and production centre in Germany.



  • Operational weight: 5500 kg
  • Diesel drive: four cylinders of 54 kW
  • Alternatively ECO Line engine: electro drive with 37 kW
  • Telescopic stroke: 2000 mm
  • Telescopic push and pull force:17 KN
  • Boom rotation: 360°
  • Boom rotation speed: 5 rpm

Hier finden Sie den originalen Bericht aus der Iron & Steel Today, Ausgabe Dezember 2014.