The UNIDACHS sets new standards in mining: scaling at a height of 15 m

Thorsten Bolender

Thorsten Bolender

Sales Manager Tunnel & Mining

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How the UNIDACHS 850 saves time and money in ore mining

In the Wohlverwahrt-Nammen mine of Barbara Erzbergbau GmbH in Porta Westfalica, iron ore is extracted using drilling and blasting processes. Due to the scaling heights of up to 23 m, ramps had to be built up to remove the roof, because the existing machines could not always reach the ridge and crown area.

The new UNIDACHS 850 mining machine has been working there since September 2021. With its 12 m long telescopic boom, it reaches a considerable mining height of 15 m from the bottom of the track: The previously necessary filling and removal of ramps has been significantly reduced! For Barbara Erzbergbau GmbH, the UNIDACHS enables significant time savings when scaling and thus financial savings.


The 30 ° tiltable cabin of the UNIDACHS 850 offers an optimal view of the ridge and crown working areas.

The UNIDACHS 850 has already proven itself many times over with its long reach and its 360-degree continuous rotating arm. Its kinematics facilitate and accelerate, in particular, linear scaling in the ridge and joint area as well as on the face. At the same time, scaling from just one standing position contributes to underground safety.

The UNIDACHS 850 is ideally equipped for the special requirements of the Barbara Erzbergbau GmbH mine:

  • two hydraulic breakers of different weights
  • the FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) protected, 30 ° tiltable driver’s cab with a roof window made of armored glass for a better view of the ridge area
  • the LED lighting package for underground use for ideal illumination of the work area
  • The 270 ° Bird-view camera system for an optimal view when maneuvering and the highest level of safety for personnel in the area
  • a dust filtration system for the driver’s cab
  • a fire extinguishing system that automatically triggers in the event of a fire – for example in the engine compartment

The 270 ° birdview cameras put an end to blind spots around the machine.


„We have been working with TML machines since 1997. Based on our positive experience over the years, we got in touch with our contact person in Monheim when it became necessary to safely scale at great heights. Our choice was made due to the reach and kinematics of the UNIDACHS with its telescopic rotary boom that are clearly superior to conventional tunneling excavators.“

Florian Garbe

Technical Director, Barbara Erzbergbau GmbH, Porta Westfalica


The UNIDACHS 850 shortly before delivery to Barbara Erzbergbau GmbH


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