Metal, iron and steel industries

We know the conditions that prevail inside a metallurgical plant: The materials, the hydraulics, the cables, and the electronic systems in our machines are optimally adapted to the extreme ambient temperatures.

Mining and tunnel construction

With its 360° rotating telescopic boom the UNIDACHS provides a high degree of flexibility and a wide range, yet is of a compact height. For example it enables you to safely contour even large cross-sections. The operator is always working at a safe distance.

Special heavy construction

When it comes to sinking shafts our telescopic booms prove their worth. They are able to extend vertically up to 27m down into the ground.


When demolishing objects that are hard to access, our machines, with their 360° rotating telescopic booms, are accurate even in very tight spaces.

Telescopic Boom Excavator

With their unique kinematics UNIDACHS series of excavators with their 360° rotatable telescopic boom can execute many movements that conventional excavators cannot. They are ideally suited for applications where linear movement and rotation of the telescopic boom are required, for example for debricking converters and furnaces in the iron and steel industry.

In the mining and tunnelling sectors too – for example for contouring tunnel sections – the UNIDACHS scores with its wide reach and low height.

In special heavy construction operations, the unusual kinematics in the TML telescopic boom provide a high level of flexibility. When it comes to sinking shafts our telescopic booms prove their worth. They are able to reach vertically up to 27m down into the ground. As opposed to cable excavators they provide hydraulic power directly at the attachment. So every shovel is filled to the optimum; and it is even possible to work on solid floors.

Faced with the task of demolishing an object that is hard to access, the linear movement achieves its long reach even where space is at a premium; and the rotation ensures that the work is accurate.

Particularly for excavation and digging work in tight spaces – for example beneath bridges – the UNIDACHS system solution is distinctive for its compact design.