Technical Data

  • Weight: 9,5 t. to 10,5 t.
  • Telescopic stroke: 2000 mm
  • Remote control
  • Diesel drive with 50 KW
  • alternative “ECO Line” Electro drive with 55 KW


Production Increase:
Through smooth fast and precise working in extremely hot conditions

Energy Saving:
Through reduced heating periods, i.e Ladles

Refractory Saving:
Through controlled application of the tool attachments the life of refractories is extended

Time Saving:
Through cleaning of the vessels in hot condition prior to debricking



The down time of the converter vessels, EAF, ladles and tundish is extremely reduced.

The availability of the vessels is raised enormously.

Refractory experiences less expansion, contraction and thermal shock therefore less damage will occur and the life expectancy is raised considerably.

Removal of the porous plug is reduced to a matter of minutes.

Energy costs are reduced through less heat loss.

Removal of worn refractory is much faster due to cleaner vessels.

Reduced damage on safety linings through precise working with ripper hook.

The correct removal of slag, skulls and scale assures cleaner vessels and guaranties cleaner steel.