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Christof Mikat

Christof Mikat

General Manager

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Raising occupational safety while transporting slag

Till date it is necessary for persons to work in hot areas, to remove the hot slag from under the electric arc furnace. That could now be a thing of the past.

The prototype of the HOT BOX MOVER has recently been set up and cold tested, and is now ready for use and the first field tests in a steel mill in Luxembourg. It transports the container (HOT BOX) in which the hot slag from the furnace has been poured, to the slag dumping area. If longer distances need to be covered, the HOT BOX MOVER brings the container to an intermediate parking space where a terminal tractor takes over.

This leads to a massive achievement of occupational safety, because the operator controls the machine with a radio remote control from a safe distance. The electro-hydraulic drive assures that the machine can be precisely controlled.

In a second development phase, the HOT BOX MOVER will drive autonomously: In response to a starting signal, it will drive to, pick up the Hot Box and deliver it to a designated area where the slag will be automatically dumped.

“The fact that a TML machine can be used for intralogistics transport tasks is certainly new for many customers. We are known for breaking out the refractory lining with the UNIDACHS and for spraying unshaped refractory material with the SHOOTER, in the metallurgical industry. However, the know-how that we have in the hot area fitted perfectly with the development of the HOT BOX MOVER:

We know how to optimally protect all components from the effects of intense heat.

Christof Mikat

General Manager, TML Technik


The HOT BOX MOVER is under the special container (HOT BOX) with the slag inside and picks it up – remotely controlled from a safe distance.


The HOT BOX MOVER – ready for the journey to the slag dumping area or the intermediate parking space.

» Do you have any questions about the HOT BOX MOVER? Contact us. Your contact: Michael Hobden, Tel. +49 2173 9575-201

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