Controlled cleaning of the furnace channel – this is how it works

Volker Bongardt

Volker Bongardt

Country Manager Metallurgy

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Commissioning under exceptional conditions

We will remember the on-site commissioning of this UNIDACHS 430 K for a long time – never before had we handed over a machine to a customer “at a distance”.


Beginning the work earlier, working more controlled

To clean the furnace runner in the past, the customer had previously used a smaller, commercially available hydraulic excavator, which was, however, equipped with a hydraulic hammer or a rotary cutter. Work could only begin after the runner had significantly cooled down.

The new UNIDACHS 430 K is equipped only with a double ripper hook. The advantage: Compared to a hydraulic hammer, it works much more controlled and gently because it does not impact percussion on the refractory lining of the runner. In addition, the cleaning work can begin immediately after the tap, while the runner is still in hot condition.

Like most of the TML machines, the UNIDACHS 430 K has a telescopic, 360° rotary boom. With an additional articulated line of motion, its kinematics allow an even more versatile operation so that the operator can follow the course of the entire runner very easily and with highest precision.

Commissioning on site or “remote”

What was unusual about the commissioning was that in the early summer of 2020 nobody really knew which hygiene measures had to be followed. So, it was better to act cautiously. In order to prevent larger groups from coming together during the training courses for operators and maintenance staff, we organized separate pre-commissioning training for people from different shifts in small groups, at a distance and sometimes through Microsoft “teams”. The result: the participants felt safe and “in good hands”.


And by the way … In the “RK” version with increased range, the UNIDACHS 430 is often used for cleaning and breaking out rotary furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

“The on-site commissioning was certainly unusual given the general conditions that existed in 2020. Last year we successfully commissioned other machines in China and Peru “remotely” – via video conference from Monheim.

Christoph Mikat

General Manager

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