Free EV charging

Our photovoltaic system expansion makes us 74% energy self-sufficient and also supplies the electricity for the charging points, where our customers can charge their electric vehicles

The UNIDACHS sets new standards in mining: scaling at a height of 15 m

The UNIDACHS 850 mining machine has proven itself in underground ore mining in Germany.

Floor markings for additional work safety

Projecting red lines on the hall floor, around the machine signal to others that it is working or moving.

Why is the UNIDACHS called UNIDACHS?

We are repeatedly asked how the UNIDACHS got its name. Here is the answer.

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Heavy Metal

Steel Industry

Hard Rock

Mining and tunneling, construction industry


Made of Steel

Hot Box

Hot Box

The new HOT BOX MOVER transports the hot slag from the converter or furnace to the slag bed or an intermediate storage place … remotely controlled from a safe distance.

More degrees of freedom while debricking

More degrees of freedom while debricking

Unique: Remote controlled mini-format demolishing machine with a 360 degree rotary boom makes targeted debricking much easier. The new UNIDACHS 110 demolishing machine, which has been developed especially for working in the metallurgical industry is even more compact...

A new direction in service

Service activities are also becoming “remote”. Our first virtual commissioning jobs proved to be very successful – even thousands of kilometers away.