Ladle Maintenance


Only a clean ladle can guarantee clean steel, with the aid of the ripper hook at the end of the telescopic boom the machine operator can work powerfully, accurately and safely. Removing the lip skulls and cleaning the bottom and side walls in hot condition.

Pushing out the porous plug

The telescopic boom on the UNIDACHS can be positioned precisely over the porous plug at the base of the ladle, and additionally, it has the power to push out the plug in a matter of seconds.


For hot debricking we supply ideally adapted machines with telescopic booms and a ripper hook to remove the wear lining so fast and accurately that the permanent lining is not damaged.

Slag raking ( deslagging )

When raking slag from the hot metal – depending on local conditions – in many cases stroke lengths of 5,000 to 10,000 mm may be necessary. The “PAM” slag raking ( deslagging ) machines can be controlled accurately, even when dealing with such long reaches. It means that the slag can be removed with a minimum of  hot metal loss.

The machine is designed to be easily incorporated into existing systems, for example into desulphurisation plants.