Electric Arc Furnace


The TML UNIDACHS debricking machines possess unique kinematics to allowing to work up to the far end of the furnace. From outside the furnace every point can be reached where the refractory lining materials need to be broken out and removed.

Due to the machine’s type of design and heat resistance capacities, the break out work can commence before the furnace has cooled down. So valuable time is gained.

Charging, raking and cleaning

Depending on the design, the charging machines are fitted with continuous rotating or telescopic booms. These machines, designed especially for the metallurgical smelting plant use are fitted with a wide range of tools that can be used efficiently to charge, clean, rake and scrape. Moreover, they are also extremely agile and can be used in the smallest of spaces.

Clearing the slag pit

Our “Leonard” crawler-mounted loaders were designed for the speedy clearing of hot slag from below the furnace. They are suitable for iron and steel plant use and withstand the heat and the extreme conditions that prevail there. The remote control option provides maximum safety for the machine operator. We supply the machine with or without an operator’s cab, as required.