Mouth skull cleaning

Regular cleaning of the mouth and cone of the converter ensures smooth production and maintains the converter stability and production results at a high level. It is imperative to carry out this work on the glowing hot converter between the heats, this is what the UNIDACHS machines are purpose built for: The telescopic boom becomes the operator’s “extended arm” that he can use to work at a safe distance.

Tap hole drilling and setting

A camera and an angle indicator are used to precisely position the UNIDACHS 423, a dedicated solution developed especially for drilling and setting the tap hole sleeve. From this position the impact hammer drill is able to quickly and accurately remove the tap hole sleeve. Without moving the machine, the new tap hole sleeve is inserted and held in place until it has been fixed in position. This reduces the non-productive time of the vessel and keeps costs down. A remote controlled version of the machine is also available, and optionally, with or without an operators cab.


When carrying out repairs on the refractory materials in the hot converter, the SHOOTER, a gunning manipulator with telescoping and rotating spraying arm, places the refractory materials accurately on the spot where the brick lining needs repair. The unformed materials are fed into the SHOOTER via a pressurised conveyor system, which we include in our solutions package.


For debricking tasks the UNIDACHS enables work to be carried out on the hot converter shortly after the last heat has been tapped. This saves time and money because work can start before the converter is completely cold.


For relining the vessels, the KAMM relining device is the secure platform for working inside the converter. It has an integrated material lift and can be raised and lowered hydraulically bringing the refractory lining installer into the optimum working position to lift and set the refractory bricks.