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Christoph Mikat

Christoph Mikat

General Manager

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New products, new methods

We used the involuntary pause last year, among other things, to develop a new product: The HOT BOX MOVER is ready for use. It makes working under electric arc furnaces much safer.

Here are the details.

New ways in service

The travel restrictions also meant that we have become significantly more digital not only in sales, but also in service. We have commissioned several machines that were delivered “remotely”.

But, we did also hand one over to a customer in the traditional way, in full compliance with all hygienic regulations of course.

Read the story about commissioning under exceptional circumstances.

New maintenance

Teleservice is another project that we are working on intensively. By reading out vital machine data, it makes preventive maintenance possible from a distance. Several UNIDACHS are already equipped with sensors and telemetric systems and are currently undergoing extensive practical tests in steel plants.

New methods of working

Thanks to organizational measures, we were able to adapt quickly in the spring of 2020, for example by working from home, shifting working and break times or communicating via digital channels. However, above all, the discipline of the employees had a major influence on the fact that we were able to work all year round and never had to close the plant temporarily. It was important for us that employees could combine work and family and, for example, that childcare was guaranteed.

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